You may wonder why is therapy so expensive and how to decide who to work with


 I know who I do my best work with.

There are areas I am skilled in and others that I am not as passionate about. If you come to me and I don’t think we are a good fit, or know someone who has the expertise you need, I will refer you to them because it is better for you, and better for me. Mutually beneficial situations are good for every relationship, including the one with your therapist.

I keep a small caseload.

I love doing therapy with people like you. Especially rewarding is being a part of and watching you become who you want to be. I keep my caseload small so that I can invest in each one of my clients in the way they deserve. Finally, you deserve someone who is centered and completely focused on you and what you are bringing to the session each week. In order to ensure this, I do work regularly with my own therapist.

Training and Experience.

In addition to years of intensive schooling and the elaborate process of licensure--I am always interested in learning the next new approach, or skill that will guide you toward the life you want. In addition, I have experts and consultants who know more than me, and from whom I continually learn from.

I believe in you and this work.

I have gotten so much from therapy over the years, therefore, it is deeply meaningful to me to be able to support you in the ways I have felt supported. What guides me is the belief that you aren't broken. In addition to ongoing support, you--like many people with less than ideal childhoods-- simply need someone to help you work on improving the system you built which helped you survive your childhood. Therapy with me is a collaboration. We work together to get you where you want to go. I ask you regularly to tell me how I am doing so that I know whether we are on the right track.


Individual Counseling

$160 / Per 50 Minute Hour

I accept cash, credit, check, HSA and FSA accounts, and PayPal

Couple and Family Sessions

$225 / Per 75 Minute Hour

I accept cash, credit, check, HSA and FSA accounts, and PayPal

Texting Appointments

$70 / Per 50 Minute Hour

I accept cash, credit, check, HSA and FSA accounts, and PayPal

Online Appointments via Zoom

$140 / Per 50 Minute Hour

I accept cash, credit, check, HSA and FSA accounts, and PayPal


  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • United Health Care

But what if you don't take my insurance?

Clients have reported good experiences submitting bills to insurance companies for partial reimbursement for any service. If you are not sure about your benefits, please start by calling your insurance company to see if you have OON (Out of Network) benefits, what your deductible is, if any, and what your co-pay is. I have a 48 hour cancellation policy, which means that while I appreciate as much time in advance of a cancellation as possible, you will not be charged for the session if you give me 48 hours notice. In addition, if I can get you in the same week, or two times the following week, you will not be charged a cancellation fee. While this is not always possible, I will do my best.

 To fill out the initial paperwork I will invite you to a secure online  portal. In addition, I will ask you to enter your credit card information into a secure App called IvyPay. This payment method will only be used in the event of a late cancellation, missed appointment or for other unpaid fees, and for payment of your future sessions if that is what you prefer.  Keep a look out for the text from IvyPay. Your credit card needs to be entered 48 hours prior to an appointment in order to ensure your time slot. Thank you!


I am a member of Open Path Therapy Collective for Affordable counseling. All my sliding scale slots are currently full.

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