Do you work with son’s of narcissistic mothers, or daughters of narcissistic fathers?

Yes. I work with anyone who recognizes themselves on the pages of this website.

What if I don’t think my mom was a narcissist but she has some traits of narcissism?

Your parent does not need to have full blown Narcissistic Personality Disorder for you to have suffered consequences from their self-absorption, and inability to be attuned to you emotionally growing up. Narcissism is on a spectrum. If you suspect something was wrong, or off with your parent growing up and feel emotionally distant from them, and don’t trust them, they may have been covertly narcissistic. Some people are flamboyantly, or overtly narcissistic, while others are victims, or appear shy, but somehow maintain control of the family. Sometimes this is done through extreme neediness, guilt trips, and other subtle manipulations.