Couples counseling

I support people in being happy with their partner.  Couples Counseling  helps you understand certain patterns you and your partner have unintentionally created. And it can help you talk about subjects you normally avoid.

In Couples Counseling we work to find out what happens for you both during hard conversations. What has gotten you into a rut with your partner? I will guide and mediate your communication, so you can both feel supported in loving each other the way you want to, and not the less healthy ways you often seem to.


You felt good about your relationship in the beginning–connected, and excited to begin your life together. Years have passed and now you wonder what went wrong. You want to feel close, and have calm conversations. Instead, you wind up upset, and reactive— or equally painful–you avoid talking entirely. Your partner takes what you are saying out of context. Sometimes it feels they’re deliberately misunderstanding you IN THE BEGINNING IT WAS EASY In the beginning—between love hormones and–the excitement and relief of meeting someone–things feel easy. It came naturally to be open and honest with our feelings.  As the relationship continues, though–a subtle shift occurs. You developed a greater need to protect yourselves.  It may be that there are children now and so much more at stake. You guard your thoughts and feelings because you can’t risk sharing them.


You are not alone. In evolutionary terms it is only necessary for the species to survive. It follows that you are good at avoiding issues and staying away from conflict. Unfortunately, it is important to have the difficult conversations if you want to be happy with your partner. This can create more closeness and connection—despite fears to the contrary. It is counter-intuitive, but often it is best to lean into our fear–take some risks and see what happens when we do. A therapist can help by being there to mediate and guide conversations in a way that helps you both feel listened to. Fortunately for us, we can transcend our genetics, and our cultural influences–which suggest that one person should be able to meet all our needs. It just takes some self-reflection and a willingness to be honest.


  • During therapy sessions you will learn:
  • the most important components of any conversation to keep your partner listening closely.
  • the words you can always fall back on when you feel lost.
  • how to respect boundaries so your partner can hear you instead of defend against you
  • the key ingredients in any happy partnership.
Therapy can help you feel more interested and curious about your partner. If you would like to begin a journey toward more honest connection and discover something better today please contact me for a free consultation. 


My practice is LGBTQ friendly, and I welcome all people willing to engage in regular therapy and put the work in to improve their relationships and their life. I work not only with romantic partners, but with people in difficult work relationships, family relationships, or friendship

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