What is emdr and is it right for you?


EMDR (or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a form of therapy primarily used to treat trauma. It uses eye movements to guide your brain to store memories in a way that they are no longer disturbing. In addition, I use this therapy for low self esteem, negative thinking, anxiety, and addictions.



If you think about a painful event in your life–for example, when Suzie suddenly decided she hated you in the 6th grade–you may have had a hard time processing that at the time. You were young and not equipped to deal with a good friend turning against you. To add insult to injury, you had no support at home. After it happened you tried to talk to your parents but they didn’t seem to get it, or they gave you some bullshit advice–like, “none of this will matter in ten years.”

Turns out your parents were wrong. Not only do you still think about it, but you notice yourself not trusting your friends. Maybe in 6th grade you decided something must be wrong with you AND you definitely can’t trust anyone to have your back. You’ve been walking around with these damaging beliefs ever since, and they have wreaked havoc on your life. What this therapy does is help you get to the place with Suzie that you wish you had gotten ten years ago. 

Your brain can now understand that this event had nothing to do with you, and everything to do with Suzie, and her father who left her, or her dog that died–or whatever.


The beliefs, and ideas stored around the memory can often be negative and harmful to your life. EMDR helps you let go of old stuff which has kept you repeating patterns that you do not enjoy, and do not work for you.

I use EMDR in therapy for many life issues, including recent triggering events, early life traumas, and for when there is anything blocking you from moving forward. It works by creating new pathways in your brain. This is for you if you feel stuck and want to let go of events from the past.

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